Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hello, summer! 
Nobody needs a recipe for steamed lobsters: you boil the lobster for 7 minutes, until its shell is red. But I wanted to write about the lobsters to let you know the REAL story in this dinner, the most exciting cooking destination in Denver: the Pacific Ocean Marketplace.
Go here and see experience the magic for yourself. 
Oh my gosh. SO many amazing things you cannot find elsewhere (well, maybe the other Asian markets on Alameda or Federal). Fresh rice noodles in a million shapes and thicknesses; ducks: fresh, frozen, roasted for takeaway ($16 for a whole, $8 for a half); pork bellies, whole or in slices; whole stalks of lemongrass, Japanese eggplants, big bags of fresh sprouts, five varieties of basil, "lesser ginger", kaffir limes, tiny chiles in a million colors; and SEAFOOD: live lobsters in tanks ($12 a pound), swimming fish, live crabs, whole snappers and other fish, shrimps with their heads on (so much better for stock!). It is PHENOMENAL. I get so excited wandering around in there: I am working on perfecting my from-scratch pad thai and will include the recipe once it's perfect.
So this place is pure cooking inspiration. After I went there the first time, I came home and babbled on and on to Adam about all the stuff and things I might cook with it. So when we were buying tadpoles for the pond on that side of town, he had the brilliant idea of picking up some lobsters for dinner. We got four and invited Adam's brother and his friend over too.
This bag is....
full of lobsters!
After 7 minutes. 
The perfect meal to eat on the deck. 


  1. Kathleen I love that Asian Market! We got lobsters from there for NYE this year - amazing. Also, I love your blog :)