Saturday, December 14, 2013

Easiest Ever Baked Brie

This recipe is courtesy of Eric, one of my favorite people.
Me, my brother, my sister, Eric. My apt on Colorado Blvd, 2010? About to head to Casa Bonita for "Reno Night"
Eric was / is my brother's best friend since middle school. They met when Kevin joined the school play in New York, shortly after my mom moved there. Kev brought Eric back to the house to play Xbox, and he fit right in! From then on he was sort of the fourth sibling--he made Christmas cookies with us, my mom yelled at him about his grades, he napped on our couch and cuddled my mom's wiener-dogs, volunteered my mom's museum parties, gossiped with my mom and grandma, wore amazingly chic, colorful clothing even on average Tuesdays.
Me and Eric in fake Mexico.
Eric was still living in my mom's bleak upstate New York town when I moved to Denver. I happened to have an unnecessary 2 bedroom apartment--so I started lobbying him to move to Denver and live with me. And he did! And promptly took the city by storm--Eric is a gifted maker of friends. We were roommates for a couple years. Before my first date with Adam, Eric helped me pick an outfit and did my hair--his advice was "something slutty. Not too slutty, but slutty" and that is the WHOLE REASON I AM NOW HAPPILY MARRIED! Thanks, Eric!
My brother, me, Adam, my sister, Eric--the wedding!
So Eric has a lot of positive qualities. But being a good cook--not one of them. As a teenager eating at our house, he claimed to hate "anything green". Then when we lived together in Denver, his diet consisted entirely of: a. Vodka b. Gummy worms c. Free drugs d. the sweat of sexy people he met on Colfax. Seriously. He ate nothing but candy and intoxicants, and mesmerized the mile high city with his homemade booty shorts. His idea of a home-cooked meal was opening some cheap wine and a bag of skittles. 
Well, imagine my surprise when Eric recently invited Bree and I over for dinner, and cooked an amazing, delicious dinner. He made pesto-stuffed chicken, broccoli soup, and this awesome baked brie recipe for dessert.He described how to make it, and I re-created it for two parties recently, where it was a huge hit.

This is the easiest possible thing to bring to a party, and everyone loves it.

1 brie 
1 package of croissant dough
about half a cup of jelly or fruit preserves (I used hot pepper jelly, because that's what we had)) 

What to do 

Unpeel the croissant triangles and lay them out on a cookie sheet making a star shape of sorts. Place the brie in the middle and put the jelly on top of the brie.
Wrap the brie with the pastry triangles. No part of the cheese should be showing--cover it completely.

Use the leftover croissant dough to cut out a shape for the top--for a friend's recent Bachelor party, I made a dong. 
Bake at 350 until the dough is golden brown. Serve while it's warm, alone or with crackers. 



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    1. Are you saying my Pillsbury baked Brie is unbalanced?