Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bacon and onion flatbread

I made this to bring to Michelle's thriftstore-themed birthday party. Michelle is an amazing cook and made all kinds of fabulous things--stuffed mushrooms, cookie-dough dip, strawberry shortcake, nutella mousse, etc. As I type this, my stomach feels a little bit iffy. But it was worth it. Anyway, on to the bread.
Start by making a basic bread dough.
The "bloomed" yeast. Leave it in warm water with a bit of sugar for 20 min, or until it becomes frothy.
 Dissolve a package of yeast into some warm water. The amount doesn't totally matter--more water if making more bread, etc. I would estimate I used about 2 cups.
Then, add flour until it becomes a pliable, not too sticky, coherent ball. You just have to feel your way to the right amount of flour. I would estimate I used about 3 and a half cups.
The dough ball, before rising. 

Cover the dough-ball with a wet towel and allow it to rise for about 40 minutes, or until doubled.
Meanwhile, make the toppings. I put on carmelized onions, bacon, grated parmesan, fresh minced garlic, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.
First, cut half a package of bacon into little strips and brown until crispy.
Bubbling bacon bits. Yummm. 

Then, scoop out the crispy bacon and pour out all but a little bit of the fat. Add a diced onion, and cook on medium until brown, carmelized and sweet. This takes awhile. I would estimate about 30 minutes.
While the onions cook, mince some garlic cloves (4 or 5) and grate some Parmesan (about a cup).
So then, get the dough and spread it out on a cookie sheet that you've greased up with olive oil.
Push the dough into the corners.
Then, add all the toppings: onions, bacon, garlic, cheese, red pepper flakes. Push them down into the dough a bit.
The assembled bread before baking. 

 Then, pop it in a hot oven: 425 degrees, until golden brown and baked through. I left it in for about 35 minutes.
Then it's done! Let it cool enough to cut into squares.
All done!
This is a great dish to bring to a big drunken party. Spicy, bacon-y, cheesy, not requiring utensils: everything you want out of food meant to accompany intoxication. It smells deliciously garlicky and baconlicious. YUM!

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