Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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My absolute favorite place to go out to eat in Denver is Euclid Hall. The other weekend, Adam and I went out there and sat at the downstairs bar, where you can sit right up against the kitchen, watching all the food come out. Everything looks so good--the sausages, the pad thai pig ears (my favorite), the marrow bones, the burgers. Their burgers always look phenomenal--served on pretzels rolls, with cheese melting over the burger, piled with pickles.
Today I was proctoring TCAP, and all I could think about were those burgers. So I decided to make pulled pork on pretzel rolls. I learned how to make homemade soft pretzels from Smitten Kitchen years ago--making them round is even easier.
So, the recipe:
1. Make a basic bread dough. Preheat the oven to 450.
a. Dissolve a package of yeast into 2 cups warm water, then sprinkle the water with a tablespoon of sugar. Wait 10 min or so for the yeast to foam up.
b. Add flour. Mix it in a cup at time, kneading and mixing, until it forms a pliable, coherent ball. Knead a few times.
c. Allow it to rise, about 30 minutes.
Here are the little dough-balls, ready to rise. I covered them with damp paper towels so they wouldn't dry out.

2. After dough has risen, form into little balls. Golf-sized for sliders, fist-sized for full-sized sandwiches. Set onto a greased tray.
3. Allow to rise again.
4. Boil a shallow pan of water, in a skillet or something. Dump in two tablespoons of baking soda and a tablespoon of sugar. Poach the balls of dough, about 30 seconds on each side. Set them back onto the greased tray.
5. Slice X's into the tops.
6. Brush with egg wash--a whole egg, then a few tablespoons of cold water.
7. Sprinkle with salt
8. Bake for 15 minutes, or until golden brown.

Even though I made these for sandwiches, they are delicious in all situations--for breakfast, with butter or jam, for back-from-work snack, with anything, etc. Just split them hamburger-style, then toast before using.  So delicious.

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  1. YUMMMMM. Pretzels do NOT exist in Chile. It's weird. Now, I am coming home just so we can make good food and drink to celebrate what we eat :)