Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chorizo Hash

Good morning, degenerates
Last night was the first Friday after spring break, so of course all of us teachers were fiending for a happy hour with No School Talk groundrules. Beers multiplied,  then we met Adam's coworkers for their happy hour: elebratory Not Guilty shots, more beers, a drag show, a cab where I managed NOT to give the cabbie unsolicited advice about charter schools (this annoys cab mates, I've been told a billion times).
So we woke up hungover. All we wanted to was sit on the couch and play with the dogs' ears and watch TV.
Obviously we ALSO wanted a greasy breakfast. So I made chorizo hash because I had the stuff for it in the fridge.
I had some leftover chorizos from Olivers--the best meat market in Denver.
I chopped everything into little bits:
Then fried it all until crispy:

Then made two runny eggs to go on top:

Then we shared this spicy, smoky, salty, greasy plate of evil goodness while watching Happy Endings in our pjs.
Laziness is my favorite.

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